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The Dental Center of Lakewood offers comprehensive care services for patients living throughout the Lakewood and Dallas, Texas areas. Comprehensive dental care includes family dentistry services, cosmetic dental procedures, and oral hygiene. The professional staff is always available to answer questions or schedule regular cleanings. Patients are urged to turn to the Dental Center for all of their oral healthcare needs.

Comprehensive Care Q & A

What is comprehensive care?

Comprehensive dental care involves examining everything in your mouth when you come in for a visit, even taking into consideration your life and medical conditions. It includes a variety of procedures that range from annual dental checkups to cosmetic procedures like veneers and inlays. Comprehensive care also includes many restorative procedures designed to correct abnormalities within the jaw or the teeth that affect how your mouth functions.

At the Dental Center of Lakewood, the professional staff offers a comprehensive list of dental procedures, and every patient is offered individualized care based on their personal needs. This includes instructions on how to properly care for your teeth and gums.

Under what circumstances do I need to receive comprehensive dental care?

You should seek comprehensive dental care in order to maintain or restore dental health. These situations include:

  • Decay, which can often be debilitating
  • Gum disease (or periodontal disease)
  • Stress on your teeth due to an improper alignment or bite, or from grinding
  • Medical or systemic problems

What can I expect during a comprehensive dental care visit?

Comprehensive dental care is dentistry that’s predictable and long-lasting; in forming a treatment plan, your dentist analyzes all aspects of your life, your dental conditions, and your medical conditions. They typically conduct an interview about your medical, dental, and emotional history to determine your dental needs and goals. If your case requires extensive dental work, your dentist will complete additional exams such as X-rays, digital photographs, periodontal probing or procedures, impressions, and bite registrations of your teeth.

The ultimate goal is to either maintain or restore your teeth to their optimum health through an individualized treatment plan.